9/13 MDE Update: Television Tower, Inc. (TTI) Candelabra Tower – Lead-based Paint Abatement Work.

MDE’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (LPPP) has prepared the following update for the Woodberry Community Association (WCA) meeting regarding Television Tower, Inc. (TTI) Candelabra Tower – Lead-based Paint Abatement Work.


Maryland Department of The Environment (MDE) has responded to an incident involving the removal of lead-based paint from the “TV Hill” candelabra tower by a private contractor, Skyline Tower Painting.  The paint removal caused paint chip fragments to spread off-site into the surrounding community.

On June 21, 2022 MDE received several work practice complaints regarding the paint removal and spread of paint chips into the community.  The Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development issued a stop work order for the contractor’s pressure washing operations to remove the lead paint from the tower without the proper permit from Baltimore City. MDE representatives inspected the site on June 22. and confirmed the presence of lead-based paint on the tower and in the paint chips.

On June 23, MDE met with TTI, the owner of the tower, and the painting contractor and notified them that the cleanup or lead-based paint and fragments must occur using an accredited lead paint abatement contractor, employing properly-trained workers. MDE informed TTI and the contractor that lead paint removal work could not continue until the contractor, its supervisors, and workers completed the required Maryland lead abatement training and became accredited.

On June 30, cleanup began. TTI contracted with two accredited contractors to perform the work. Advanced Air Analysis, Inc., an accredited lead paint inspection contractor, is performing the pre-cleanup surveying and post-cleanup clearance inspection. A & I Environmental, an accredited lead paint abatement contractor, is performing the cleanup.

TTI established an email address and telephone number for community members to report paint chips for cleanup. TIT provided this information to the Woodberry Community Association (WCA) and to residents in the affected area through the mail.

Separately, MDE has also provided updates to WCA and attended two public meetings on July 12, 2022 and August 9, 2022.

Status of the Cleanup

To date, high-priority cleanup areas, including a daycare center, adult community center, urban farm, and community playground, are being inspected and cleaned regularly, particularly after rain events. Additionally, the properties of 63 residents who reported lead paint chips have been cleaned. TTI has reported to MDE that A & I Environmental is revisiting sites after the initial cleanup, if needed. A&l Environmental also has crews cleaning streets and alleyways. MDE regularly performs oversight inspections of the cleanup activities and notifies TTI or any paint chips observed during those inspections. MDE will continue to monitor cleanup activities in the community until the cleanup is complete.

On MDE’s request, TTI is providing the Woodberry Community Association (WCA) with access to the community clean up project area map visually indicating the following:

  1. Locations of Direct USPS Mailing

  2. Properties Cleaned and Inspected

  3. Door to Door Flier Delivery

  4. Requests for Inspection by Property

  5. Homeowner Declined Service or Reported No Issue

  6. Street / Gutter / Sidewalk Cleaned and Inspected

MDE has also provided additional contact information for rental property owners in the area to allow for TTI to perform an expanded mailing. On July 21, TTI informed MDE that its contractor would be going door-to-door in the affected area and would leave flyers where there was no contact.

On August 1, 2022 MDE mailed letters to residents and rental property owners in the affected area notifying them of the incident, the status of cleanup efforts, and contact information to report the presence of paint chips. The letters included information about lead generally and measures to reduce exposure to lead in the environment.

On September 2, 2022 TTI reported to MDE that after collaborating with Baltimore City signs have been posted in the Rockrose City Park further alerting individuals of the current community clean up efforts and steps to take in order to report paint chip fragments to TTI.

As of September 9, 2022 TTI has reported to MDE that all properties within the affected area have been canvassed and an additional 562 informational fliers were mailed by TTI in September to the affected community.

MDE continues to encourage residents to report remaining paint chip fragments.  If you observe paint chip fragments on your property, please contact:

Television Tower, Inc.


(410) 578-7551

MDE has referred the case to the Attorney General for further consideration of appropriate enforcement and compliance action.

Information About Lead

MDE is the lead state agency responsible for preventing childhood lead poisoning, and the Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) works to prevent childhood lead poisoning and assist families affected by lead poisoning in Baltimore City. Since Maryland’s lead law was enacted in 1994, the number of childhood lead poisoning cases in the slate has decreased by 98%. MDE and BCHD arc advising you of this matter out of an abundance or caution.

The following are some measures to reduce lead exposure for children under the age of six and pregnant women:

  • Consider having your child under age 6 tested for lead. In fact, all children in Maryland should be tested for lead at 1 and 2 years. Talk to your doctor for more information.

  • Increase hand washing.

  • Keep shoes outside of the home.

  • Mop and wet wipe, and if a mop is unavailable, use a damp broom to clean.

  • Wash stuffed animals and wipe down non-fabric toys frequently.

  • Wipe: down pets who have: been outdoors.

  • Eat a healthy diet composed of foods that are high in Vitamin C. Calcium. and Iron.

BCHD and the Maryland Department of Health will work with MDE’ s Childhood Lead Registry to follow the blood lead levels or children tested for lead who are living in the Woodberry neighborhood in order to see whether there is any change in the population lead levels. Due to the fact that the Childhood Lead Registry receives lead test results directly from laboratories and doctors’ offices, you do not need to contact MDE if your child is tested for lead.

If you have additional questions, please contact Kevin Stanley al 410-537-3825 or kevins.stanley@maryland.gov.