9/13 TTI Update

*Crews from A&I Environmental Services Inc, along with Advanced Air Analysis Inc continue to have a daily presence in the neighborhood.

*To date, 900 mailers have been sent to residents (three separate mailings)
300 flyers have been distributed door-to-door.

*Signage, approved by Councilman Torrence has been displayed in the park as requested at the last meeting.

*Ongoing communication continues between TTI and MDE.

*The tower has been being inspected, any loose chips found vacuumed as required and then the tower is de-rigged.

*The tower inspection for loose paint has been completed.  No loose chips were found, and the tower has been de-rigged.  Skyline has removed all equipment from the facility and has left the property.

*TTI continues to urge residents to reach out to the e-mail address provided if there is a need for further mitigation.  Residents should communicate cleanup requests to TTI by email at televisiontowerinc@gmail.com or by phone at 410-578-7551