The Woodberry Community Association (formerly Concerned Citizens of Woodberry) represents the neighborhoods of TV Hill, Brick Hill, Clipper Mill and Park Hill with the City, as well as development, housing and zoning concerns. Our various committees utilize volunteer efforts for family and social opportunities, crime reduction, and beautification projects.

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Over the years WCA has worked to represent and protect the interests of Woodberry residents.  Some or our accomplishments are:

  • WCA worked with Baltimore City Parks and Recreation to ensure the park rehab on Druid Park Drive worked for the community
  • WCA facilitated the transition of Rockrose Garden to a Baltimore City Farm
  • WCA works with Baltimore Housing to identify housing concerns in our community and have action taken to deal with them.
  • WCA has hosted members-only private tours of local developments such as the Union Brewery and Mill No 1
  • WCA, in cooperation with the Medfield Community Association, worked  with Baltimore City DOT to get the truck route proposed for Druid Park Drive moved to West Cold Spring Lane
  • WCA, in cooperation with Medfield and Fox News 45 worked for traffic mediation and the bike lanes that you now see on the 41st St. bridge and along 41st St to the traffic light at Druid Park Dr.
  • WCA host an annual HANGOUT (family oriented block party) at Woodberry Park.

Our small team of volunteers is very busy working for you. Please consider volunteering so we can expand what we do for Woodberry.