House numbers

Alley house numbers can save a life

Your house probably has house numbers on the front, but do you have house numbers facing the alley?  In an emergency, seconds count.  First responders need to find your house fast, and having house numbers on the rear of your house facing the alley will help police, fire, and ambulance find your house fast.  You don’t want the fireman to have to count houses trying to find the rear of your house if there is a fire!

Simply go to the local hardware store, like Falkenhan’s or Sirkis Hardware, and buy some house numbers to put on the rear of your property, rear gate, or on your garage.  Or if you want to get crafty, you can always make it into a DIY project, as seen at the Cottage Market Blog.

Whether you buy numbers at the store, paint them yourself, or let your creativity go wild, having house numbers facing the alley may one day help save your life or property.