We’re looking for a few good people for our board!

In preparation for the April WCA Annual Meeting, we seek applications for Officer and Director positions for the WCA Board.  Please consider taking an active role in community affairs and use your interests and expertise for the betterment of Woodberry. 

Applications can be submitted through Sunday, Feb. 16. and will be published to the community prior to our March 11th meeting. At the March meeting applicants will have an opportunity to address the community and take questions.

For those interested, please email: 

WCA Secretary, Tracey Brown

– the position you are interested in

– any information to share regarding your experience and/or expertise

– length of residency or employment within Woodberry’s boundary

– any other information you might care to share 

Descriptions were reviewed by Officers & Directors and approved by the Officers of the Board.   Click here to download a PDF of the descriptions.

Meeting minutes from our January 15, 2020 community meeting regarding transportation

Woodberry Community Association Open Meeting, January 15, 2020
Itineris Baltimore, 2050 Rockrose Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Community Attendance: 26
Representing Councilman Leon Pinkett:
TyJuan Rice, Community Engagement Specialist tyjuan.rice@baltimorecity.gov
Sheena Ham, Community Liaison sheena.ham@baltimorecity.gov

Call to Order & New Business- Sheri Higgins, President
New Business
A) Announcement for officer/director elections- Sheri Higgins, President
- 1) April meeting is annual meeting when elections will be held- 2) Officers and directors are up for election

B) Woodberry Sign- Sheri Higgins, President
- 1) Sign is rotting and needs replacement- 2) 2 grants totalling $2,300 will cover costs- 3) AA Signs to do install.

C) Tractor Building update- Jared Block, Clipper Mill
- 1) CHAP Commission voted to place the Tractor Building (once posted) under CHAP review for plans until status can be determined at March 10th Hearing- 2) Community has requested Temporary Landmark Status (TLS) - 180 day protection from demo. Development Plans must be reviewed by CHAP during this timeframe.- 3) Hopeful that CHAP district will go into effect before the TLS expires.- 4) There is an 18-month moratorium on going for landmark status after TPS expires.

D) There will be a meeting on Wednesday, January 22nd at Itineris from 7:00 -7:45 PM regarding proposed apartments for 2087 Druid Park Drive.-Sheri Higgins, President

E) Robert’s Rules of Order- WCA meetings will follow Robert’s Rules of Order. Robert Summers will be enforcing these rules during our meeting. Sheri Higgins, President

Transportation, Traffic, and Transit presentation
John Malinowski, Engineer II, Traffic Design and Data Unit, Baltimore DOT
Eric James, Northwest Community Liaison, Transit Bureau, Baltimore DOT

- 1) General: Speeding is a city-wide problem. Stop signs are not to be used for traffic calming. Baltimore’s infrastructure is for 1 million people and we have less than that.
⅔ of people in Baltimore own cars.
- 2) Parking enforcement should be reported frequently for best results.- 3) Truck Routes- Baltimore is siging truck routes now and targets spring for completion.- 4) New crosswalks and other markings- Baltimore DOT is working to get a contractor to do markings. DOT is looking to re-mark the intersection of Druid Park Drive and 41st St in the spring. Speaker suggests contacting 311 with contact information, to request marking work & provide tracking number to DOT (one request per call/contact)
Sheri & Tracey to follow-up
- 5) Meadow Mill West Driveway- There are plans tied to development to fix the roadway and reconfigure new pavement markings near the Light Rail. Baltimore DOT needs to work with MDOT MTA, since that driveway is on MTA’s right of way.- 6) Intersection of Druid Park Dr. and Parkdale Ave.- Traffic exiting Parkdale Ave doesn’t warrant a stop sign. Community asked DOT to do a new traffic study & review communications from the May 2019 walking tour with DOT officials and Councilman Pinkett. Mr. Malinowski suggests the community request a speed camera. Application will be forwarded to WCA. Once filed, Tracking # will be provided to DOT & Ty Rice.- 7) Deliveries and Valet near Woodberry Kitchen- Community confirms pull off & signage are installed. However, the south side pull off has a raised curb similar to a sidewalk and isn’t utilized well. Some community members believe the one-way tunnel creates a safety issue.- 8) Paving- Community questioned the need to resurface the side streets prior to the main artery, Druid Park Dr. Mr. Malinowski will check to see if there are plans to pave Druid Park Dr.- 9) 41st St - Adam Benesch and Chris Attenborough of Union Collective, voiced concern regarding the lack of a sidewalk on the north side of 41st St between Buena Vista Ave and the 41st St Bridge. The speaker says there isn’t enough room for a sidewalk and the property there is privately owned. Medfield did a walk with DOT Nov. 2019. DOT is working on a plan/study for Medfield, including 41st St. DOT will investigate if there are any plans for a stop light at Buena Vista Ave and 41st St. There are no plans to improve footways from Woodberry to Medfield Heights Elementary School, except within smaller Medfield streets. WCA/Medfield can request a speed camera by calling 311 (provide tracking number to DOT for follow-up).

LocalLink 21 Bus route presenters
Kyle Davis, Chief of Service Planning, MDOT
Teddy Krolik, Chief of Engagement, Office of Planning and Programming, MDOT MTA  

Posters showing #21 bus congestion on Druid Park Dr. courtesy of resident

- 1) The community identifies problems with the current route arrangement. The lower section of Druid Park Drive is narrow at 20’ wide and the bus has a 25’ wide turning radius. The bus often has to jump the curb to make the turn with two-way traffic and has struck the street sign. Mirrors on parked cars mirrors are damaged and buses are scratched at that height. The presenter offered that there are few options available.- 2) There are 122 daily boardings at the Light Rail stop. A 40’ bus is the smallest bus in the MTA fleet that isn’t paratransit.- 3) Remove some parking on lower Druid Park Drive coupled with enforcement could ease congestion

Suggestions discussed:
- 1) Making Druid Park Drive one-way- 2) Routing the 21 from 41st St onto Girard to Hooper to Rockrose Ave to Clipper Rd.- 3) Making Druid Park one way and Clipper Rd two way- 4) Routing the bus from 41st St onto Druid Park Drive (WB) to Parkdale Ave to Clipper Park Rd.

Minutes approved by: WCA Officers: Sheri Higgins, Tracey Brown, Robin Ziegler