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WCA needs your help!

Woodberry Community Association needs your help! With the interest in our neighborhood growing, we need more neighbors involved in supporting our efforts to continue making Woodberry an amazing place to live. There have been talks of redevelopments, both commercial and residential, bike path initiatives and even a dog park, but these awesome amenities can’t happen without neighborhood input. If you’d like to be a part of the excitement that’s coming please send us a message or e-mail our Secretary, Katie Walsh (

We want to hear your ideas and leverage all of the talent that exists in our neighborhood. Being a part of a community association isn’t scary or a full-time job, but rather more like 10 hours/year, so don’y be shy. Be sure to mention your area(s) of interest in your message to us.

Housing Issues
Grant Writing
Social Media
Dog Park
Friends of Druid Hill Park
Semi-Annual Clean-up
Annual Block Party
Greater Hampden Heritage Alliance
Potential Board Member

Next CCOW meeting is Jan 21st

Thanks to everyone who attended our 10/22 meeting! We will be holding quarterly meetings, with the next meeting held on Jan 21st at 6:30 pm at WJZ TV. We will post an agenda as the date approaches.

What does the CCOW board do?

Recently several Woodberry residents have asked CCOW Board members to tell them what exactly it is CCOW does for the community that makes it worth the cost of membership.  The short answer to that question is “a lot”.

We, the Board, have apparently not done as good a job as we would like to have done in keeping Woodberry residents informed of our activities.  We try to keep you posted on important events via email.  When there is an issue of major importance to the entire community we have called a community-wide meeting.  Like most people, we don’t care to hold meetings just to say we held a meeting, so we don’t; perhaps we should.  We don’t have the resources to put together a regular newsletter, but we would love to have members of the community volunteer to take on that task.

I ask you to let us know how much and in what form you would like to receive communication from us: regular meetings, a newsletter, more emails, the Clear Channel LED billboard at Union Mill, methods we haven’t considered, etc.

In the meantime, this letter is an attempt to give you an overview of “what exactly it is CCOW does for the community . . .” So please, take a few minutes and read through the remainder of this letter.  I think by the time you reach its end, you will, if you are a member of CCOW, feel that your dues are well spent, and if you are not yet a member, you will want to join us in making an already good place to live a great place to live.

Generally the board members function as follows:

Jim Bomgardner, President, acts as CCOW spokesperson when working with our neighboring associations in Hampden, Medfield and Coldspring/Newtown as well as our Police Community Relations officer(s).  Jim works with Councilman Mosby and other City and State officials and departments on select community issues.  When the need arises he also conducts research and files position papers with City and State officials to facilitate resolution of resident concerns.  Jim is a resident of the Overlook section of Clipper Mill.

Sheri Higgins, Vice President/Secretary, conducts research, prepares email announcements, meeting minutes, position papers, and correspondence drafts for Board approval.  She represents Woodberry in dealing with Roland Park and City Hall as well as at developer meetings in Coldspring, Hampden and the Mill Valley.   Sheri maintains the Woodberry sign and garden and is the Board’s ombudsman for community issues and concerns.  Sheri is a resident of TV Hill

Tracey Brown, Treasurer maintains the association’s treasury records and our non-profit status filings.  She has a wide range of City and non-profit contacts which the Board is able to utilize and is the lead representative at Zoning Hearings for the Woodberry neighborhood.  She will also facilitate research and the disposition of select resident concerns.  Tracey is a resident of TV Hill.

Typically, each Board member is heading up several efforts at any given time, representing CCOW and the Woodberry community.  For example right now, Sheri is managing the fight against a local property owner to subdivide property on Clipper Road; Tracey is running down what exactly is going on with the construction at 2080 Rockrose; Jim is working with the Hampden and Medfield community associations to review and approve applications for the annual Clear Channel Neighborhood Grant.  Along with addressing community matters, the Board manages the affairs of the CCOW itself.
Over the years CCOW has worked to represent and protect the interests of Woodberry residents.  Some or our accomplishments are:

  • CCOW worked with Baltimore City Parks and Recreation to ensure the park rehab on Druid Park Drive worked for the community
  • CCoW facilitated the transition of Rockrose Garden to a Baltimore City Farm
  • CCoW worked with residents and Baltimore City Zoning and Planning to resolve three proposals under review.
  • CCoW held two members-only private tours of Union Brewery and Mill No 1
  • CCOW, in cooperation with the Medfield Community Association, worked  with Baltimore City DOT to get the truck route proposed for Druid Park Drive moved to West Cold Spring Lane
  • CCOW, in cooperation with the Medfield and Hampden community associations, worked with Seawall Construction and Clear Channel Communications, Inc., to ensure CCOW interests were considered in the Union Mill redevelopment.

The above list is only a partial one and, as you can see from it, we are quite busy.  All of this has been accomplished by three board members.  Just think of what we could accomplish if more residents became “active” members of CCOW.  So, if you’re already a member, please contact us to volunteer to start and head-up a committee.  If you’re not yet a member, please submit the attached form along with your dues and then volunteer for a committee.

Here’s a list of a few of the committees we’d like to form:

  • Greening Initiatives
  • Grant Writing
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Special Events

One more thing, The Concerned Citizens of Woodberry Community Association is recognized by Baltimore City as the representative association for TV Hill, Brick Hill, Clipper Mill, Greenspring Trails and Park Hill.

Rotunda redevelopment meeting minutes and update

General Meeting – Tuesday, August 27   6:30 pm    Rotunda Building

Presentation by Chris Bell, Sr VP Hekemain Co.-developer
This website is open and will continue to be developed in the next few weeks to include a webcam to watch the construction as it evolves.  A picture every 15 min.  You can sign up for email announcements.

Mary Pat Clarke, District 14 Baltimore City Council representing the Hampden area at this meeting

The current development is a revision of the 2005/2006 plan approved by the City.  There will not be a hotel in this plan.   Plans were delayed approximately two years awaiting Giant’s decision to stay or not and the economic downturn.

Re-develop begins NEXT WEEK- Sept 3, 2013 and will proceed in three phases.  Construction hours are 7am to 7pm M-F with an occasional Saturday
Bozzuto Construction is the contractor

Phase I – 30 – 45 Days
The Rotunda building will be restored to its original grandeur.  As a component of this plan, the former Giant building which was not original will be demolished, starting next week.  This is expected to take about two weeks.

The Front Parking lot will be closed and fenced off.
Storm Water Management will be installed.
A temporary parking facility will be constructed on the front lot to accommodate Phase II

Rotunda offices, retail and the movies will remain open during the entire construction.  Entrance to services will be from the rear parking entrance during Phase I.

Phase II – 15 months

In 2002 the Rotunda underwent Bio-Hazard inspections and rehab.  However, a bio-hazard consultant has been contracted, should there be any surprises once demo begins.

Building access returns to the new (temporary) parking on the front of the building at the 40th street entrance. The back parking lot will be closed and fenced off to be demolished and hauled away.

A seven story apartment building goes in – East side facing Johns Hopkins
A five story apartment building goes in – West facing Elm
A permanent eight story parking garage goes in.  This garage will be surrounded by the new apartment buildings and not visible from Elm St or 38th St.

Phase III – 12 months
A permanent Front Parking lot for 900 cars begins.   This will be done in sections enabling the temporary structure to remain open to the public while sections are converted.

General Information
Restoration of the Rotunda ground floor includes removing false floors, re-opening boarded windows, etc.  The rotunda feature will be returned to its historical accuracy.

65% of retail space is currently under negotiation.  Contracts are moving forward and it is anticipated that tenant announcements will begin late Sept. and posted on the website.   No breaking news regarding the grocer yet.

The current Rotunda has 78,000 sq ft of retail space.  The new Rotunda campus will have 160,000 sq ft of retail space.

All retail space will be outward facing with many having doors opening directly from the back parking lot.
The five story apartment building (West side) will have ground floor retail with apartments above.

Between the garage/apartment buildings (former back parking lot) and the Rotunda retail, will be an access road to the garage.  Garage will be for retail parking and have private/reserved paid parking for the apartments.

Between the apartment buildings will be a new outdoor plaza to be used for retail and community events.

The entrance road that served Giant will be eliminated.
The main entrance will be on 40th St at the current Rotunda entrance.  A new traffic signal will be installed.  Road improvements will be done at Roland and 40th.

The Mall loading dock will be on the East side next to the Hopkins building and not accessed or visible from Elm or 38th St.

A significant landscape package will be installed, including larger than required trees to re-establish a community feel for Elm and 38th St.

Zip Cars and Electric Charging Station(s) will be on site for use by the tenants.

During construction, Bozzuto Construction will be responsible for community relations for construction related concerns/complaints.   Mary Pat Clarke has organized block representatives for Elm, 38th St & the high rise buildings on 40th st and Roland Ave. These representatives will work directly with Bozzuto to resolve the immediate violation for their block.

Your CCoW Board
Jim Bomgardner, Pres.
Sheri Higgins, VP & Secr
Tracey Brown, Treas

Newsfeed available for Woodberry

Increasingly, we have a need for residents to have a site where they can post announcements.  These could be lost animal announcements, refrigerators to sell, handyman services, etc.
The Medfield community association is using the “Nextdoor” and we have opened a Woodberry link.    In viewing our link, it also loads Hampden and Medfield, but it does NOT seem to have constant and daily interruptions on personal emails so it doesn’t seem too intrusive.

Click here to sign up for Woodberry, MD on Next Door

The site will ask you to verify your registration, which can be done by postcard or with your mobile phone rather than giving your credit card number.  Or it you want CCOW to register and verify your “Woodberry” address, we can do this.  Just contact us and let us know!

Please check this out as an alternate to listserve or Facebook.