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Woodberry community walk with police

The Northern district police will be holding a Woodberry Community walk on Tuesday, July 14 at 7pm.  The walk will begin at Druid Park Drive and Clipper Rd.  This is a great chance to meet both police and your neighbors.  We really hope that we get a good turnout.  Due to the last minute notice, please share widely with your neighbors.

House numbers

Alley house numbers can save a life

Your house probably has house numbers on the front, but do you have house numbers facing the alley?  In an emergency, seconds count.  First responders need to find your house fast, and having house numbers on the rear of your house facing the alley will help police, fire, and ambulance find your house fast.  You don’t want the fireman to have to count houses trying to find the rear of your house if there is a fire!

Simply go to the local hardware store, like Falkenhan’s or Sirkis Hardware, and buy some house numbers to put on the rear of your property, rear gate, or on your garage.  Or if you want to get crafty, you can always make it into a DIY project, as seen at the Cottage Market Blog.

Whether you buy numbers at the store, paint them yourself, or let your creativity go wild, having house numbers facing the alley may one day help save your life or property.

Police report

The Northern District is seeing an increase in garage and shed burglaries. The thieves are kicking in entry doors, breaking out glass and cutting off locks. The items being stolen from the sheds and garages are mostly bikes closely followed by outdoor power equipment (lawn mowers, chain saws, etc.) The burglaries have occurred both during the day and over night.

Please consider the following recommendations to help reduce the risk of your shed or garage from being broken into:

  • Always lock your shed or garage.
  • Cut back trees and shrubs around the doors and windows of your garage.
  • Use a deadbolt that uses a key on both sides on your garage entry door if it has a window. Now if a burglar breaks the window, they can’t just reach through and unlock the door from the inside.
  • Make sure that your garage door and frame are strong enough to prevent it from easily being kicked in.
  • Install locks on your gates to prevent easy access to your yard.
  • Keep porch lights on at night or install flood lights that are motion activated.
  • Record the serial numbers of your bicycles and power equipment and engrave them with your driver’s license number. Example (MD) A-123-456-178-000. This can help us return your property to you before you even know that it has been stolen.
  • Report suspicious activity to 911.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Major Kimberly Burrus

Beware of local thieves

Reports in recent weeks indicate someone may be watching your home for an opportunity to try the door when you are out with your dog or quick errand.

Please read note below and be sure to lock your doors, windows and cars at all time.   This is the third note that CCoW is aware of.

Morning Report Friday, Nov. 1, 2013       Clipper Road Resident near the Bike Trail and City Garden

white male age 50-60–
5’10”  150 lbs… skinny
scruffy salt and pepper beard
denim painters pants–very baggy
blue hooded sweat shirt with white stripes on the sleeves
green shirt
green baseball hat–pulled close to the eyes

I usually do a 20-30 minute walk with the dogs on the trail… this day in particular I just walked up to the park and turned around to come back and he was there… I do not know where he came from because I did not see him on Clipper road.
I feel sure he was watching the house, and me–thinking he would see if I left my door unlocked when walking the dogs… I of course do not.

I saw him again on the trail today… he come out of no where….

Please alert the neighbors… I have told as many people as possible and filed a police report today.

Keep your car safe!

Car thief and break-ins continue throughout Woodberry, both in the TV Hill and the Clipper Mill sections. Be alert to belongings left in vehicles that can attract attention AND be alert that you keep locked, at all times, your ground level doors and windows. Don’t become a statistic!

Baltimore Police want your input

Baltimore City Police are conducting a survey to see what areas people think they’re doing well in , what needs improvement, and what they should focus on.  Please take 5 minutes and complete the survey to help the serve the community better!