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Community meeting 9/26/17 at 7 pm at WJZ

Greenspring Realty Partners has recently purchased the two large warehouses in the Union Ave complex behind the Light Rail. These buildings are behind the Schenuit Building. Currently those properties are designated I-2, which could accommodate industries using heavily pollutants. Greenspring Realty Partners is requesting that we support a change to I-MU (Industrial Mixed Use) which better supports the mix of tenants currently leased and several that are looking to lease, but also offer retail.

Unfortunately the Schenuit Rubber Tire warehouse remains unsold.

Please join us for this important Q & A session.

Thanks for a successful Woodberry Hangout!

We are still on cloud nine after yesterday’s magnificent turn out during the first annual Woodberry Hangout! We are so grateful that you came out, enjoyed the festivities and supported the WCA. This neighborhood is special because of you!

Thank you again to our sponsors who gave us legs to stand on, allowing us to throw this event. Gutierrez Studios, Preller Properties, Seawall Development, Sisson Street Auto Himmelrich Associates & Annonymous.

To our local business owners who donated AMAZING items for the raffle baskets- you are very generous! Those who had a table at the event took a gamble, not knowing what the turn out would be, and we appreciate that so much! A special shout out goes to the Baltimore Community Tool Library for existing and giving non profits an affordable option for event supplies!

We look forward to planning the 2018 Hangout and getting together again with everyone! In the meantime, stay tuned for updates from us and ways YOU can get more involved in what’s happening in Woodberry.

Meet the artisans at our Woodberry Hangout- Bickley Studios

Woodberry is home to some amazing artists 🎨 including Bickley Studios. Come meet some of them on Sunday, September 17th from 3-7pm at the #woodberryhangout

Bickley Studios creates glass sculptures. Phil and Veda are both self-taught artists who were drawn to the medium of glass for artistic expression at a young age. Blending the techniques of both ancient glass artisans and more modern masters, the Bickleys have developed their own systems within the flameworking community. Check out their work at

Union Brewery presenting expansion news to WCA

Mark you calendar for a community meeting

Tuesday, May 2, 2017.
7:00 PM WJZ Conference Room

Guest presentation will be Union Brewing who will be sharing their expansion news.

Woodberry Community Association
Sheri Higgins, VP
Katie Schroder, Secr
Tracey Brown, Treas/Social Media

Zoning changes coming to Baltimore

Big changes are coming to Baltimore’s zoning code.  This may seem like a dry topic, but it affects land use.   Learn more about the various changes, like TOD (Transit Oriented Development), IMU (Industrial Mixed Use), as they will affect future developments in our area.

Transform Baltimore is the City’s webpage for the new zoning code.  To quickly get to one page summaries, click here and look for one-page topic summaries.  You will quickly notice that all of the zoning has numbers.  Lower numbers mean less dense, higher numbers allow for higher buildings and more density.  Zoning affects how a property can be used, and whether a property can be used for industrial purposes or for a home.

Buying into Woodberry

Buying into Woodberry – why should you do this?  Woodberry is a mill village in a modern city.  We are convenient downtown, close to happening Hampden, but have the kind of access to parks you find in the county.  We have homes dating from the 1840’s to the 2000’s and everything in between.  We have restaurants, gyms, and what isn’t in Woodberry is closeby in Hampden.  We are convenient to Light Rail and bus also.

Buying into Woodberry at this link.

Why people choose Woodberry

Why do people choose Woodberry?  We analysed data on Nextdoor to find out and created an infographic of the top 20 responses.

The number one reason people choose to live her are because of the neighbors. People also like that Woodberry is quiet and dog-friendly.  Woodberry’s Woodberry Historic Districts and listings and parks came in fourth and fifth.  People also really like the new restaurants in the area, like Woodberry Kitchen, La Cuchara, and nearby Artifact, Blue Pit, and Birroteca.

We will be at the Live Baltimore Buying into Baltimore event on Saturday, September 26 at Polytechnic High School from 9 am to 1 pm, so if you or someone you know is attending, please check us out!  Woodberry is also on Live Baltimore’s tour schedule, so you may see a future neighbor coming by.

Why people like Woodberry

7 ways to weather proof your home and prevent frozen pipes

Temps are supposed to drop on Friday and that can mean broken or frozen pipes in your home.  Be prepared for the worst with these 7 tips.

  • Leave a thin stream of water run from your basement faucet to help prevent frozen pipes.
  • Turn off hose connections inside the house.  Disconnect hoses from their faucets, as frozen water in hoses can expand and break pipes and fittings.
  • Be sure you know the location of the water shutoff valve in your home. Check it periodically to ensure it works properly.
  • Keep a three day supply of water on hand, which is one gallon per person per day.
  • Insulate pipes in unheated spaces.
  • If you get a frozen pipe, gently warm it with hot air from a blow dryer at the point where it enters your house.
  • Periodically monitor your sump pump. A frozen drain pipe could result in a flooded basement.

City DPW crews are working non-stop to restore water as quickly as possible.  They have 20x the normal amount of calls and are working 12 hour shifts to help everyone get water back.  There is already a broken water main on 41st St that the City has been working on since Wednesday evening, so watch out for slippery conditions and detours.

Stay safe and warm!  Keep your pets inside.  A furry coat doesn’t mean they don’t get cold.  Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly, and make sure they are okay.  Nextdoor is another way to keep up to date on what’s happening in Woodberry.  Contact us for an invite.  Also, the 22 bus is being diverted because of the water main break, so click here to see the detour.

Concerned Citizens of Woodberry is now Woodberry Community Association

The Board of Directors of The Concerned Citizens of Woodberry (CCoW) is pleased to announce approval by the State of Maryland to use “The Woodberry Community Association”, as our association name.

“This is a positive development for the community association and one that will enable both current and potential residents to quickly search for and find our social media sites.” says Jim Bomgardner, President of CCoW.  Tracey Brown, CCOW Treasurer adds, “The legal name remains The Concerned Citizens of Woodberry, but  Woodberry Community Association was available and we elected to register that for our use.”  Going forward CCoW will be doing business as The Woodberry Community Association.

The Board is in the process of updating all social media sites.  Please check us out on Facebook