Why people choose Woodberry

Why do people choose Woodberry?  We analysed data on Nextdoor to find out and created an infographic of the top 20 responses.

The number one reason people choose to live her are because of the neighbors. People also like that Woodberry is quiet and dog-friendly.  Woodberry’s Woodberry Historic Districts and listings and parks came in fourth and fifth.  People also really like the new restaurants in the area, like Woodberry Kitchen, La Cuchara, and nearby Artifact, Blue Pit, and Birroteca.

We will be at the Live Baltimore Buying into Baltimore event on Saturday, September 26 at Polytechnic High School from 9 am to 1 pm, so if you or someone you know is attending, please check us out!  Woodberry is also on Live Baltimore’s tour schedule, so you may see a future neighbor coming by.

Why people like Woodberry