Woodberry Park update

January 26, 2012-

The Winter Season is upon us and the park at 2200 Druid Park Drive is being bedded down.  The Contractor’s revised schedule shows that the park will be completed by January 2012. It has been a long process since we first received grant money to design and build our park to (this past summer) when we learned of the contractor’s financial difficulties that resulted in the work stoppage.

Our trees and shrubs are in and looking fantastic.  As general information we learn that no landscaping revisions will be considered or acted upon until 2013.  This allows for the one (1) year landscape warranty to be finalized.  We also learned that our park is the final City park rehab to install flowering shrubs, tall grasses and perennials since the city’s reduced maintenance budget and staff cannot care for additional planting beds.  By the end of January 2012, the truck access to the lot will be cleared and the remaining two trees will be planted. The painted wall on the back of the property will be sandblasted to remove the multi-colored paint and the concrete oval track completed.  The disturbed soils of the property will be seeded, covered with straw and mulch, and the black silt fence removed for an overall finished appearance.

The Concerned Citizens of Woodberry association continues to work with Baltimore City Recreation and Parks in planning for an official Opening event sometime late Spring 2012.


The City has awarded a contract to Mirabile Construction company for the Woodberry Park on Druid Park Drive. This is the same company working on Roosevelt Park in Hampden.  The demolishon of the concrete jungle, as the park came to be known, is scheduled for early March 2010.  Once demo is completed the company will have 30 days to finalize permits, supply orders, etc. for review and approval by Recreation and Parks.  During this phase, from mid-March to approximately the first of May, construction will be at a standstill.   If all goes according to plan, we should see the park graded and planted in May and June.

The renovated Woodberry Park will have new curvilinear, wandering concrete walks and removal of graffiti covered surfaces.  All existing, freestanding concrete walls will be removed to allow unobstructed views of the park from any location.  The new wandering walks will lead up to an overlook terrace to allow the visitor to be graced by new native plantings and a curved decorative metal railings.  Most of the park entrances will be handicap accessible and enhanced with decorative brick pavers to welcome all visitors.  Some of the entrances will have decorative metal bollards with chains to limit park access to only park maintenance and emergency vehicles.   The oval lawn and terraced lawn steps (at amphitheater) will be preserved and enhanced for the benefit of planned community events and park visitors.

Plans for the park

Here are the plans for the park, with samples of what the new plantings and benches will look like