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Baltimore-based law firm Murphy Falcon & Murphy retained Jenkins Environmental, Inc., a certified and well-respected environmental consulting firm, to conduct a detailed and thorough examination of the Woodberry community to determine the extent of any lead contamination resulting from the power washing of the TV tower in June, 2022.


This examination will involve the collection of soil, water and dust samples from private and public property in the community. There will be no need to enter the homes of any resident. All that will be required is permission to access the area around their homes for a brief period of time so that the appropriate samples can be collected. The collection period is expected to last 2-3 months.


The results of the examination will be posted on the Woodberry Community Association’s website.


Murphy Falcon Murphy ask for everyone’s cooperation and assistance to ensure that the examination can be as thorough as possible. Please contact Denise Greeley at or 410.951.8756 to coordinate permission. 


Should there be any other questions, please feel free to contact the Murphy Falcon & Murphy firm @ (410) 951-8744.

Thanks so much for your assistance in this matter!