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Schenuit tire redevelopment

Schenuit Rubber planned for redevelopment

Redevelopment is in the air, and we want your input.  Please read below and email us with your thoughts.  The Woodberry Community Association board met with the new owners of the Schenuit Tire building and the industrial buildings to the north of that same property known as the Clipper Mill Industrial Park at 1770 Union Ave. The property is located between the Jones Falls and the Light Rail tracks near Clipper Rd and 41st Street. Patrick Creaney and Conor Creaney of Remington Properties purchased the four buildings prior to the scheduled public auction.   Remington Properties also owns the Mill Centre in Hampden, and the distressed 401 & 403 E Oliver Street buildings in Station North.  Prior to partnering with his son Conor, Patrick was a principal at Creaney & Smith Group with over $500 million in commercial transactions to their credit.

At this time Remington Properties will maintain the three leased buildings as Industrial and are looking for feedback for the burnt Schenuit building.

Below are the preliminary basics from the conversation:

  • Remington Properties would be interested in community support to have the Schenuit building re-zoned from I-2 to an I-MU designation.  As the WCA recently polled the community requesting their thoughts for this very same designation, we indicated general consensus was positive for I-MU. As to questions of soil contamination, size, usage, traffic patterns, etc. those have yet to be developed.
  • The Schenuit building is in a flood plain. Active uses other than parking will need to be above flood level. A floodwall will not be required.
  • Any future use of the building and the industrial park in general, will require widening the roadbed. This would be done by removing a small building attached to the Schenuit warehouse.
  • A structural analysis has not been ordered yet.  However, the history of the building indicates an original wood building that was gradually encapsulated within brick buildings/walls.  It is the original interior wood that was burnt with the brick exterior now remaining.
  • There are NO plans or concepts at this point- this was strictly an information-gathering meet and greet.  Concept drawings from the previous owners were shared, showing a mixed-use building.
  • If the community will support an I-MU designation and the City approves, the Creaney’s will begin the process of planning and make a presentation to the community late May/June.

Remington Properties has confirmed their vision for the Schenuit warehouse redevelopment, “ I think your take on the proposed developed is correct, but we are not sure at this point whether some residences other than perhaps live / work may be in the final mix.  But, we do not see a fully residential development nor a shopping complex.”

What are I-2 and I-MU?
I-2 (General Industrial) I-MU (Industrial Mixed Use)
Uses include a wide variety of general manufacturing, fabricating, processing, distributing, and warehouse use


I-2 can include anything as big as large warehouses with 18-wheel trucks or smaller businesses, such as the two sign companies using box trucks, cargo vans, and heavy-duty trucks


Retail isn’t allowed without a variance


This designation is suited for businesses like the sign company, furniture manufacture, and other low intensity light industrial uses


I-MU can also have non-industrial uses such as residential, live/work studios, and retail or commercial use


Technically, a campus as active as the remodeled Rotunda would qualify within this designation also

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