TTI cleanup summary and map for 11/28 to 12/2/2022

  • A&I Inc cleaned these properties and public areas (entire property or publicly accessible areas) this week:

  •  Streets, Gutters, Sidewalks: -see map

  • Cleaned street and sidewalks by 3600 and 3602 Hooper Ave

  • Cleaned Hooper Ave street and sidewalks from Druid Park Dr to WBAL property

  • Cleaned street and sidewalks on Druid Park Dr by 2140, 2118, 2078, 2076 all the way to the church, and the church alley to 41st St.

  • Cleaned Druid Park alley by 2158.

  • Cleaned street and sidewalks on Malden Ave by 3661, 3651, 3629,

3621, 3601 to Druid Park Dr and the alleys.

  • Cleaned street and sidewalks on Rockrose Ave by 2080, from WJZ to Druid Park Dr and the intersection near FATA

  • Cleaned street and sidewalks from the intersection of  Rockrose and Keystone Ave to Druid Park Dr.

  • Cleaned the Woodbury alley down to Keystone Ave.

  • Cleaned street, gutters and sidewalk by Fox 45

  • Residences, Commercial and Public Properties:

    • Itineris and Scribbles parking lot, playground and grassy island (daily)

    • 3600 Hooper Ave (daily)

    • Rockrose Community Park & Playground and grassy areas(daily)

    • WJZ driveway

    • FATA front and rear parking lots

  • AAA, Inc performed a full walkthrough inspection of the neighborhood along with A&I crew.