TTI Cleanup summary and map for the week of 11/21

Here is a summary of the cleanup activities this week.
A&I Inc cleaned these properties and public areas (entire property or publicly accessible areas):
Streets, Gutters, Sidewalks: -see map
Druid Park Alley, (North side) from 41st St to the church. (repeat)
Started at Rockrose Ave and cleaned down Keystone to Druid Park Dr (repeat)
Cleaned Druid Park Dr to Parkdale and up to Girard Ave (repeat)
Cleaned in front of 2002 Girard down to the corner of Hooper Ave
Inspected and cleaned 3600 and 3700 block of Clipper Ave
Clipper Rd at the church
Adavnced Air Analysis Inc and A&I Inc  performed a full walkthrough of the community streets and alleys, Rockrose Park and Playground and the Itineris and Scribbles daycare facilities to identify, document and collect any paint chips found.Residences, Commercial and Public Properties:
Itineris and Scribbles parking lot, playground and grassy island (daily)
Rockrose Community Park & Playground: re-cleaned grassy areas, black rubber playground mulch and the alley next to the park.
3711 Clipper Ave next to Rockrose Park and across from 3700 Clipper Ave
3600 Hooper Ave behind the garage
3638 Clipper Ave backyard
3614 Clipper Ave next to the road
Met with owner of 2029 Druid Park Dr. Adavnced Air Analysis Inc and A&I did a property walkthrough with the owner and collected 3 paint chips. Owner was satisfied (repeat)

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the cleanup crews will not be working on Friday 11/25, so there will be no report and map created on Friday 11/25. The crews will be returning to perform cleanup activities on Monday morning 11/28.