TTI Tower Work Update

Yesterday the WCA was notified that the State of Maryland and the City of Baltimore have given their approval for Skyline Tower Painting to perform two limited but necessary cleanup steps on the tower starting Tuesday, September 6thth.  The first step is for the crew to HEPA vacuum any free paint chips resting on the horizontal surfaces of the tower that may be there as a result of the previously suspended prep work.  This step is a multi-day process and will likely continue throughout most of next week, weather permitting.  The second action item is for Skyline to de-rig the tower, meaning the removal of all of their hoisting cables that allows them to safely climb the tower.  The de-rigging process may also take a couple of days. We have informed the Maryland Department of the Environment of our plan and they will likely be on site to inspect the work.  A&I Inc will also be present near the tower to remove any paint flakes that may fall from the tower during this process.