CCOW General meeting minutes, 10-22-2013

Concerned Citizens of Woodberry Community Meeting
Serving:  TV Hill, Clipper Mill, Brick Hill and Park Place
Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013    6:30 – 8:30 pm   WJZ-TV

  • Jim Bomgardner, President
  • Sheri Higgins, VP & Secretary
  • Tracey Brown, Treasurer

Board Reports

  • Welcome and Thank You for new community liaisons.
  • Dave & Linda Nelson – Rockrose Community Garden
  • Autumn Breaud – Community Police Liaison
  • Cheryl Rayburn – Friends of Woodberry Park

2013 – Community Service Awards

  • Jean Connelly who, while walking her dog, carries a small trash bag and clears litter from streets and sidewalks
  • Ruth & Charlie Cronheim for their activism – Gutierrez Memorial Walk, the semi-annual clean stream work parties and semi-annual City Clean-up Days
  • Keith Williams for mowing weekly our Woodberry Sign area
  • Bob Barnaba who maintains Druid Park Dr between Greenspring & 41st – picking up trash, sweeping curbs and clearing debris from the fence and property along DPD

Treasurer’s Report  $2,101.79
This is approx a $1,000 increase over last year due in part by several Corporate memberships


Leon Henry and Oyinade Koyi – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chesapeake
Serving Maryland with three offices: Baltimore/Columbia/Salisbury

Goal is to match children with Community mentor for a one-year commitment (4-6 hours monthly) and/or until that child reaches age 18.    The child’s parent must register the child.  Training and a Case Manager  are available to all mentor volunteers.    Another way to get involved would be to financially sponsor a child for an event.

BIGGEST LITTLE TAILGATE  Sunday, Oct,. 27 at M & T Stadium

Several thousand children are waiting a mentor.  Waiting list for boys is limited to age 12 and under due to the long wait.  Waiting list for girls is 16 yr and under.
Males are matched with males and females with females   unless otherwised deamed appropriate.
Councilman Nick Mosby- 7th District

Mr. Mosby provided an enthusiastic  and swiftly paced overview of his initiative and events.
This minute taker wasn’t able to keep up and therefore provides the following website for a great overview of bio and side links

  • Liquor Ordinance Law introduced by Mr. Mosby and passed by the City in 2012.
  • Seven Magazine     As a community if we would like to highlight a news worthy item for our neighborhood- articles and pictures are encouraged for consideration
  • 4th Annual Anti-Bullying Conference – Nov. 2, 2013
  • One Piece Campaign

Upcoming from Councilman Mosby’s office

  • Baltimore City School Recycle Program    $1,000 Award for best project to help educate children about littering.
  • Winter Child/Youth Coat Drive – several hundred City children have been identified by their schools, as not having an adequate coat.  This winter is expected to be exceptionally harsh.

Q &  A w/ Mosby

  • Graffiti-it was previously believed that a certain “tagger” was responsible for a great deal of the graffiti around Baltimore.  However, he has been arrested and areas that have been cleaned are being re-tagged.   The City/Police/District are active in efforts to get a handle on this situation.
  • Vacant houses – Vacant to Value Program is helping to reclaim certain areas.  However, there are areas that it makes economic sense to clear blocks rather than provide City resources for a dwindling  resident base.   Clear and Consolidate (Vacant to Value).
  • Regarding the several vacant houses in Woodberry that are eye-sore – there  may be help for the community.    CCoW will follow-up to obtain information on the City program.

General Interest

  • Autumn Breaud, CCoW Police liaison
  • Please email her directly of any incident you have placed a police report for.  If she is to represent the Woodberry community at the six annual community police meetings, she will need accurate information to comment on.
  • Dave & Linda Nelson, Rockrose Community Garden – It is never to early to begin planning for the 2014 garden season.  For information on obtaining a garden lot, contact the Nelson’s
  • Tracey Brown – Woodberry will again participate on the Baltimore Heritage Tour for Spring 2014 (TBA).  The Spring Tour will highlight the TV HIll/Brick Hill and Park Place sections.  Tracey will act as Woodberry historian and tour guide.   We are looking for individuals that would be willing to have their home and/or garden on tour.   For participation or more information, please contact: higgins.sherihiggins (at) gmail dot com
  • Katie Schroder of Live Baltimore is now a TV Hill resident.  Plans are underway for Woodberry to participate in the April 2014  Buy in Baltimore Event.  (Website)