CCOW meeting minutes 5-18-2010

WJZ-TV   6:30 – 9:00 pm

Attendance – 22

Next meeting is Tuesday July 20 at WJZ-TV

General Acct is at $811.  A second account was opened for the management of the Garden funds.    The 2010 membership dues are now being accepted.  $10 individual/family

It is the intent of the Board to move towards a Business Meeting model.  Agenda will be established with pre-approved presenters. Self-promoting speakers, hecklers, or personal arguments may result in asking those individuals to excuse themselves from the meeting.

It was recommended and will be adopted, that presentations from Architects also require that the owner or developer be present for Q & A.

Seawall project has been named The Union Mills.  Building permits are finalized and construction is to begin June/July.   The “plant/mechanical” building will no longer be used for retail, but rather residential.  The commercial/retail –build out for a restaurant deemed too expensive and secondary to project goal of affordable rentals for teachers and nonprofits.

Druid Park Drive Park – Rec & Parks plans continue and budget cuts do not effect prior year allotments

Storm Water Management study complete

Advertising for bids June 25

Bids due  Aug. 11

Bids opened and awarded  8/26

Construction to begin approx. November 2010 (best contractor availability)

Will Anderson will present at our Sept meeting

Sign Garden – We have lost our partner for the soil prep portion, so we will proceed without that element.  The plantings were chosen for draught hardiness and the main plot will fair OK.  We will need to raise additional donations to improve the soil on the Parking Lot side.  Work dates published under separate email.

Liquor License for 3600 Parkdale update   The owner withdrew Zoning petition and is seeking legal recommendations.    A recent inspection by the Zoning department found the establishment in violation of signage. Excessive banners were order removed and the owner was issued a fine.

An example of a Liquor License approval that can go wrong is the Red Fish store on Falls Road which has been ordered closed for minimum of 6 months.  After being granted a license they have since been issued a citation for unlawful sales and parking issues.  However, employees informed patrons the reason was too many licenses in Hampden. Both the Medfield and Hampden Associations are opposing the Renewal of the license due to numerous violations of the Liquor code.

Local openings – McCabe’s has re-opened     The Gray Goose, former Flips is now open

Women’s clothing stores at Clipper Mill – The FORM in the former spa location and SHINE on the back sidewalk of the Foundry Building


Coleen McCarty, Coordinator – City Farms

Works for Bill Vondrasek, Chief Horticulturalist- Baltimore City Recs & Parks

  • To rent a plot in a City Farms garden located within city parks: Contact Coleen McCarty (, 410-396-0180), These are fenced-in gardens on Baltimore City park land with individual plots that lease for $30 per season.     One time KEY fee required for access (security/liability/critter control)

150 sq lots  average                  City water included w/your fee, wood chips, leaf mold as composite (Water at Woodberry mid to late summer)

From time to time a truck of manure                  Contracts necessary –obey rules of garden – common courtesy

Plot must be worked – spot inspections and phone call to voliators, with letter if necessary.  10 days to clean and if not, the plot is forfeited and next person on list is contacted.

Whole Foods is a financial sponsor and half of the Woodberry plots have been allocated to them under the supervision of Mark “Coach” Smallwood.    Educational programs are planned through Whole Foods

At this time Coach Smallwood has recommended that the educational plots retain the vinyl fencing for easy access.   Community input has requested that the normal chain link fence be installed for the private lots to insure that visits to the educational lots do not violate their lots.

Brief discussion on Land Trust program that enables a community to purchase a city owned property vacant for 5 years or longer.    Colleen is not involved in this program and had no immediate knowledge.  However, not all city owned properties listed under Tax and Assessment are part of this program.  The program addresses lots that are now vacant due to house removal/demolition, as example.  Contact Parks and People for help in identifying available lots.

Steve Davis 3413 Woodberry Ave

Integrated Construction Management Group                   Contractor for Overlook project.

Former director of construction for Struever.  Building at Overlook halted 18 months ago    Lender, BB & T foreclosed in Nov. 2009       Situations have been cleared and Bank is committed to finishing the project

15 units  current contract for Steve

Major rework of the 4 units that were damaged due to work halt –Tyvek units

Sales proceed w/the original realtors        June 15  Model will re-open but not fully decorated and model will probably “move” as sales advance.           Architect – Charles Alexander will continue

12 vacant lots not contracted yet nor is the final product decided upon – a 3rd model is being considered

Tractor Building  and dirt parking lot by The Stables

Jonathan Rose Group negotiations with BB & T    Plan has been revised, but not finalized at this point.  A presentation will be given at later date

The “stuff” in the Tractor building/Stables building parking lot is to be removed from the Clipper Mill Campus.  Currently all items are being accumulated in one spot for convenience.

Tina and Doug McCouch – Thornhill Design Studio (architecture)

Representing:  “Ben” Walter Koppel      3640 & 3652 Clipper Ave

Currently renovating the duplex  unit by/under the 41 st bridge       For Sale units rather than rental

Exploring the option to insert a duplex on  re-zoned(proposed) double wide lots that the current rehab unit sits on and the end duplex that he also owns.

Zoning set backs and parking all conforming.  Mr.  McCouch presented a historically adapted exterior elevation and plot plan drawing.

Four residents from the Clipper Road section presented the following comments:

–        Property owner Mr. Koppel owns numerous rental units on that historically significant street and has not demonstrated concern for maintenance and/or up keep.  Under his stewardship the section has been devalued.

–        Although the insertion of a new unit was not of objection, the quality of material choices was of concern.  Vinyl siding on the addition would not be in keeping with the present homes.  Also, the front porches have pressure treated supports rather than porch details consistent with the era.

–        The architect illustrated the insert unit with the same set back as the current units.  It was thought that since an “exact match” unit would be cost prohibitive, a quality representation should have a different setback.

Mr. McCouch will convey to Mr. Koppel that community support is tainted by the current concern of poor stewardship-that this is an opportunity to build faith with the community prior to next step.  It was noted by the architect that should Mr. Koppel seek in the future, re-zoning, that the community could establish a list of expectations for the building and file them with the Planning Commission.

A Round Table input had been planned for ideas and suggestions.  However, due to a long evening and shrinking participation we will seek email input and then share ideals either through email or with a separate brainstorming session.  Suggestions given have been retained.

For the secretary’s minutes, will the woman/couple who contributed at the close of the evening, please contact me as I do not have you listed on our sign-in sheet.