CCOW meeting minutes 7-20-2010

July 20 CCoW Meeting Minutes

Attendance:  19

Treasurer Report    $861.79   May General Funds

July expenditures:  $30.28 for paint supplies for Woodberry Sign

$45.57 for Staples meeting supplies                        leaving July 20 balance: $815.94

Community Inspection Discussion

Unlike the Clipper Mill Campus that has covenants in place from the developer and administered by the Home Owners Association, the CCoW has no authority over property owners.  Discussion pursued as to how the community can address poorly maintained properties (exterior) that blight the community.

–       CCoW encourages you to actively call 311 and keep a log with date and event #.

–       The previous association had timely block inspections; would forward a letter to the property owner of issues of concern; note a timeframe for improvement and finally file a complaint to the city sanitation or building inspector if the owner did not voluntary rectify.  It was noted by several participants who have repeatedly utilized the City’s 311 reporting system that the issues remain unresolved even after repeated call ins.

–       Rather than asking CCoW Board members to place complaints (solely), it was discussed that each block should spearhead their unique concerns and share any negative City or 311 response with the Board for tracking.

–        The CCoW Secretary will maintain an ISSUE log.  Please notify us of your 311 actions. The complaint, the property, the date of your call or on-line, and your report number, as well as the outcome.  There may be a time when a history of citizen complaints that remain unresolved could be used in discussions with our elected officials (as example).

–       The CCoW would be willing, on a case by case basis, to write a letter of concern to the property owner where maintenance is of concern and asking them to address those concerns.

–       It was noted, that some neglect properties may be owned by the elderly with limited finances.  It was also suggested that a volunteers committee (yet to be formed) could help secure grants for repairs and/or organize a volunteer work event for that property.  Loans w/the house as collateral are also possible.

–       The CCoW will develop a new description for Block Captains.  The Block Captain would become the liaison with the CCoW and work on joint concerns and projects. Description and call for volunteers by August 6.   The idea volunteer would be one that actively engages with the neighbors on that block.

–       Representatives from the 2000 block of Druid Park Drive will coordinate with the Board President regarding their in-progress 311 tracking system and picture data bank.

The CCoW will investigate whether Tammy Pretty, Sanitation Inspections can be a speaker at our September meeting.  It was noted, that should Tammy accept, she is known to do a neighborhood inspection and write citations prior to her speaking engagement.

Discussion was tabled pending further development.

Further Round Table Discussion

3600 Parkdale remains a location of concern.  At least 3 residents, not working in unison, have registered 311 complaints regarding the open trash cans stored on the sidewalk.  To date, the City has not responded.

The CCoW Board is actively investigating website alternatives.  The current website is difficult to write to.   More information as it becomes available.

Sign Garden – we have had some red tape hold ups.  Due to time of year and heat, September is targeted for insertion of perennials.     Repairs to the sign have been completed.  Background paint has been completed with only the lettering to be done.

BIG THANKS TO:  Linda Nelson for 2007 & 2008 mowing

Linda Nelson & Keith Williams for 2009 Keith Williams & Ben Cone 2010

From Seneca Drive – In 1990, the Transportation Dept issued a letter to those residents that they were scheduled for repaving.   The repaving has yet to occur.

CRIME WATCH –Clipper Road has had cars broken into and GPS devises stolen.  According to SpotCrime reports- Druid Park Drive, Clipper Road, Parkdale and Clipper Mill are areas of concern with vandalized cars the most noted.

NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME WATCH            Northern District Police forms where distributed for completion

All residents are encouraged to file a Request for Anonymous Crime Watch Number.  In about 3 weeks you will receive, in the mail,  a number to use if you call 311 or 911.  With the number, the police will not be given your name or address. An officer cannot identify you as the complainant or come to your door for follow-up.   Crime Watch encourages the community to become involved and helping them help us.  Our increased numbers do attract the attention of the Police District.

Several houses on Druid Park Drive where noted for their drug trafficking.  It was also noted that 311 and 911 complaints could help with tenants choosing to move. Tenant evictions by the landlord could take up to 6 months.

It was recommended that a final FLYER be prepared and distributed manually to residences explaining that the CCoW has gone GREEN and will no longer be issuing paper notices for meetings.  Residents will be encouraged to register their email addresses if they wish to receive community news.  Additionally, a strong listing helps with future grants that evaluate community participation.

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday Sept 21 at The Druid Park Drive Park, better known as the Concrete Jungle.    This will be an outside event with Will Andersen of Recreation & Parks as our principle speaker.

Will A.  will be showing the renovation plans and available for Q & A.

Let’s make this a MEET & GREET Evening!

Bring a picnic Bring your lawn chair   Bring your family