Druid Hill Lake Reservoir Project minutes- June 2, 2015

June 2 Minutes – Druid Hill Lake Reservoir Project


Federal guidelines require that open reservoirs be discontinued and drinking water to be held in tanks. Baltimore City has five lake reservoirs. Each lake will be taken off-line, one at a time for construction, leaving the remaining four reservoirs to serve the City. Plans for Druid Park Lake are nearing finalization and expect to be completed November 2015 with construction Spring/Summer 2016.

Due to prohibitive maintenance costs of a lake fountain, those restoration plans have been scrapped. Plans for fishing and boating piers remain.

Two tanks will be sunk into the western end of the lake, thus reducing the current size by about one-forth. Water pipes from Prettyboy Reservoir that feed the lake will be diverted to the tanks.

Covering the tanks will be a new lawn and a concert stand with a sculptured, 3-layer canopy.  A new inner lake path will pass in front of the concert stand.

Druid Hill water construction projects – Druid Hill Pavilion     Depending on your download, this may take a few minutes but well work the wait.

Percolation/tree basins will be placed at the perimeters of the new lawn (see best practices Stormwater Management).

The current jogging path becomes the back boundary for the new lawn. The iron fence will be removed, leaving only the wall to be used for seating and to act as vehicle barrier for the lawn over the tanks.

To maintain the lake health and water level, Stormwater Management basins on the north hill will be installed to filter water entering the lake and minimize stilt build-up. If necessary, water from the tanks will be de-chlorinated and released into the lake. With the positive northern elevations of land surrounding the lake, this would be infrequent, if at all. Once the lake is returned to clean water, fish will be released for recreational fishing. At this time, only two trees have been identified for removal.   All other trees, statues and pavilions remain.