May 2, 2017 Union Brewery meeting minutes

Woodberry Community Meeting

May 2, 2017    6:30 pm   WJZ-TV

Union Brewery Collective


Guests:  Adam Benesck, Union Brewery Partner; Jon Constable, Seawall Development; Al Barry, Consultant


Move to the empty warehouse at 1700 W 41st which was formerly a Hedwin warehouse and Sears small appliance repair. The warehouse sits to the bottom of the hill entranced by the left lane at the 41st bridge.  For orientation, Brian Auto Repair and Netzer Metal Craft are in an adjacent building on that same lot.

Vacate their current location at 1700 Union Ave, after buildout and permitting is completed – late 2017/early 2018.

The Hedwin warehouse is approximately 150,000 sq. ft with ample parking. The brewery would occupy approximately 50,000 sq. ft. of this space.  All manufacturing would occur here.  The taproom hours would expand to accommodate crowds currently visiting the brewery on Saturdays.

Approximately 100,000 sq. would be leased to various Baltimore co-op enterprises for light manufacturing and retail.

Within the heart of the building would be a gym with the primary purpose of offering climbing.

Seawall is the developer for this project.  We know their work at Union Mill and more recently Remington and the R-House.   Architects are Ziger/Snead.

This is concept only at this point, however the WCA does seek your feedback for this proposal.