Meeting minutes- Pepsi development, 4/27/16

Woodberry Community Meeting- Pepsi Concept Discussion- April 27, 2016

Guest Speakers

  • Sam Himmelrich
  • Ken Rice
  • Al Barry (Consultant from AB Associates)


  • Himmelrich’s discussion w/ Pepsi began 3-4 years ago
  • Himmelrich was responsible for the renovations at Meadow Mill, Mount Washington Mill & the Montgomery Park building (in Pigtown)
    • Past projects were all supported by the community associations at the time
  • Pepsi site has potential for same type of development
  • Pepsi site is on a floodplain but protected by a floodwall certified by FIMA
  • Property is unique because it’s surrounded by 41st bridge, I-83, a wall, a cliff & Union Avenue
  • Property is currently zoned for Industrial & 288,000 sq. feet, 14 acre site ( 3 sites combined)
  • Pepsi will remain a tenant through the end of 2016
  • Copies of the Oct 2015 presentation minutes emailed to residents yesterday and provided here


  • Himmelrich doesn’t have a definitive plan, only a concept, for the site or know what type of zoning they want us to agree upon. If the City does NOT awards a new zoning designation, the actual plan development would be moot point.
  • They are not requesting a Transit Oriented Development (TOD-4) zoning from our association
  • Toying with the idea of a large-scale grocer, and Harris Teeter has shown interest (a larger version of their typical store)
  • Grocery store would have surface lot parking and roof top parking
  • Residential development would be located on top of a parking garage. banked into the slope
  • Residential could be a boutique hotel and apartment complex. Hotel could be approx. 125 rooms of the total that a plan might allow (360-400). City will determine the ultimate size
  • Himmelrich suggests mixed-use b/c boxed trucks will be less disruptive than industrial-sized trucks
  • Himmelrich bought the Salvation Army property on Buena Vista, creating another access point possiblity. Access points would then include Union Ave. & Buena Vista. Salvation Army moved to Barclay in facility Himmelrich provided.


  • Baltimore City will begin voting in the near future for new zoning codes so WCA needs to decide soon what zoning will be best
  • 3 Types of zoning from which to choose
    • Industrial Mixed Use (allows for residential, commercial and industrial)
    • Commercial (allows residential and commercial)
    • Transit Oriented Development
  • Worst case scenario is better than Pepsi plant

WCA “To Do”

  • Meet w/ Nick Mosby (or someone from his office) and discuss our options
  • Write to Nick Mosby stating we want a specific zoning for Pepsi before the zoning change deadline (which no one really knows)