CCOW community meeting 2-27-2012

Concerned Citizens of Woodberry
Community Meeting
Monday, Feb. 27, 2012     6:30 – 8:00pm

Treasury Report:
Dec. 2011  $998.79    Expenses ($242.00)  Income $224.00            Dec. 2012  $980.79

We continue to struggle with the community supporting the association by paying annual dues.  A limited treasury restricts our ability to sponsor events such as a neighborhood block party or apply for grants that often require partial funding by the applicant.   $50 is being forwarded to the Buena Vista Dog Park Discovery Committee.

Woodberry Park is finished with only the soil erosion fence to come down once the grass is stabilized.  If you have not walked through it lately, be sure to do so as it is very well done.  We hope to coordinate with Recreation and Parks for a Grand Opening event.

Work has begun on the Gwynn Fall’s Bike Path that moves from the Parkdale Rd. exit of the Druid Hill Park through Druid Park Drive or Clipper Park Rd to Clipper Rd and then into the meadow/garden area at the far end of Clipper Rd.

We are pursuing a change of the association name to Woodberry Community Association.  This is generally how public officials and citizens refer to us and we should go with the obvious.  Application and filing will be $100.

During 2012 we had numerous requests for the Board to intervene and although we have no legal authority, we have been involved in a number of issues.  All Board members work full-time jobs and at times have been overstretched.  On the plus side, several residents in the TV Hill section have taken up the concern of their block and have either resolved or made progress on the issue.

We have 143 on our email list with an additional 42 various city and networking contacts.  Both Thornhill Properties and the Union Mill circulate the CCoW announcements.

In the absence of candidates for the CCoW Board, the following positions will be filled for an additional year:
Jim Bomgardner, Pres
Sheri Higgins, VP & Secr
Tracey Brown, Treas

Ryan Buddy of Druid Park Drive has volunteered to assist the Board and Tracey Brown with our Website.
Autumn Beard of Druid Park Drive and Susan Rose of Brick Hill have volunteered to assist the Board with small tasks or research on a limited basis.
Keith Williams of Druid Park Drive mows the lawn for our Woodberry sign at 41st and Hooper.
Michael Volatile has hauled landscaping debits from the Woodberry sign garden.
The Board appreciates this!

Union Craft Brewery      1700 Union Rd
The single story brick warehouse between the Light Rail track and the Jones Falls River.

There are three partners, one of whom is head brew master Kevin Blodger.   Kevin was the 2011 Bronze medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival.

First year capacity will be 1,000 barrels.  The first beers will be a hop-forward ale and an Altbier.
Distribution will be through draft and cans and handled by a distributor rather than the brewery. Maryland law does not allow them to act as their own distributor.   The group believes in the taste and sophistication of the Baltimore market and looking forward to March Beer week and a late spring opening at the Brewery.   The facility is a manufacturing and distribution center only and will not have a pub.  However, the facility will hold beer tasting events at which the law allows the purchase of one 6-pk. They will have t-shirts for sale.  Union Craft hopes to participate at local festivals and events.

Check out their website and the attached news article.

Non-Conforming Use of 2000 Girard

Mr. Volatile is applying for a Non-Conforming Use for the R-6 (Residential) zoning for his property.  Also in attendance and available for questions, were Nate Preti and Al Barry of AB Associates and Stephanie Norman, RN/PA and former delivery nurse.

The second floor of this 2-story unit is/will remain residential.  However the variance is requested for office space on the first floor.

Ms Norman is the prospective tenant and wishes to open a Wellness Center for her practice, a nutritionist and yoga/palates instructors.    Exercise classes would be anticipated for 6am-9am and 4pm-8pm (ending at 9pm). Music levels and styles would be calming rather than high energy.  An exercise class would have 5-8 participants.  Daytime hours would be for practitioners scheduling one-on-one appointments regarding Wellness issues.  At capacity, there could be three client appointments per hour.   Ms. Norman is PA, wife and mother of twin toddlers.

Mr. Volatile is the developer/owner of the rehab cottages at Greenspring and Druid Park Dr., the storage garages accessed from Druid Park Dr and the owner of several rental row homes on TV Hill.  He states that although several leasing options have been available to him, his own philosophy and his desire for the right fit for Woodberry would be best represented by a tenant such as Ms. Norman.  He has a tentative agreement, which he will exercise if approved, for parking across from Channel 45 and occupied by Brian’s Auto Repair (by the Printing office on 41st). Both he and Ms. Norman will submit their signage plans to the Board before ordering.

AB Associates discussed the current Zoning laws and this petition.  This variance is restricted to a Wellness Center.  Should Ms. Norman or a comparable tenant not pursue the lease or renew annually, the variance expires and Mr. Volatile would have to re-petition for new variance.  If the Board would write a letter of support, he volunteers that we could include desired/restricted hours of operation, noise levels, parking options and minimal signage.  These inclusions for the petition would not be guaranteed at review, however the Zoning Board would review all information before finalizing a decision.

Your CCoW Board
Jim Bomgardner, Pres
Sheri Higgins, VP & Secr
Tracey Brown, Treas