We’re looking for a few good people for our board!

In preparation for the April WCA Annual Meeting, we seek applications for Officer and Director positions for the WCA Board.  Please consider taking an active role in community affairs and use your interests and expertise for the betterment of Woodberry. 

Applications can be submitted through Sunday, Feb. 16. and will be published to the community prior to our March 11th meeting. At the March meeting applicants will have an opportunity to address the community and take questions.

For those interested, please email: 

WCA Secretary, Tracey Brown

– the position you are interested in

– any information to share regarding your experience and/or expertise

– length of residency or employment within Woodberry’s boundary

– any other information you might care to share 

Descriptions were reviewed by Officers & Directors and approved by the Officers of the Board.   Click here to download a PDF of the descriptions.