Get all the details on Whitehall Mill in Hampden

Find out what’s happening at Whitehall Mill on Clipper Mill Road in Hampden.  This cotton duck mill is being redeveloped by Terra Nova Ventures, the same people who did Mill No. 1 on Falls Rd.  Whitehall Mill was formerly known as Clipper Mill.

Whitehall Mill is being planned as a mix of apartments, office space, a restaurant in the boiler room, and a Belvedere Square style marketplace.  You can learn more about the project, construction progress, and more at their Whitehall Mill Baltimore.

Clipper Mill started life in 1865 as a cotton duck factory built by Gambrill and Carroll.  The current mill was built to replace another building on the site which had caught on fire named Whitehall Mill.  In 1925, Clipper Mill was sold and Purity Paper products manufactured containers suitable for semi-liquid food like ice cream.  In 1941, a toothbrush manufacturer purchased the building to manufacture toothbrushes for hospitals and the military.  Most recently, Komar owned the building and used it as a distribution center.  Komar has since located to Woodberry.