Woodberry Historic listings

There are lots of Woodberry historic listings!  Woodberry has two National Register districts, including the Woodberry National Register district, and the Brick Hill National Register district. Woodberry also has two National Register listings for its mills, including the National Register listing for Meadow Mill, and the National Register listing for the Poole and Hunt Foundry, now known as Clipper Mill.  Hooperwood Mill, Woodberry Mill, and Park Mill are not listed because they have not applied for the listing.  Woodberry is also part of the Baltimore National Heritage area.

Hampden-Woodberry was once a world leader in cotton duck production for sailcloth.  In 1905, Hampden-Woodberry made 80% of the cotton duck in the nation.  There’s an interesting history of the cotton mills in the Jones Falls valley at this site.  Woodberry is home to 4 mills, including Woodberry Mill, Park Mill, Meadow Mill, and Hooperwood Mill.  Poole and Hunt Foundry made the columns used in the Capital.  People know Poole and Hunt Foundry today by the name Clipper Mill.

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