TTI cleanup summary and map for work completed Mon 7/3 to Fri 7/7/2023

A&I Inc cleaned these properties and public areas (entire property or publicly accessible areas):
Streets, Gutters, Sidewalks:

Collected chips on Hooper Ave from WBAL to Druid Park Drive
Collected chips on Hooper Ave in front of Itineris and Scribbles properties
Collected chips on driveway at Rockrose Park (rockrose houses alley)
Collected chips at corner of Malden and Druid park
Collected chips at Keystone and Malden alley
Collected chips at Girard Ave and Rockrose Ave alleyResidences, Commercial and Public Properties:
Collected chips on Itineris and Scribbles playground & parking lot (daily)
Cleaned chips in Rockrose Park grassy areas, playground and pathways  (daily)
Collected chips at Rockrose City Farm
Cleaned chips under the TTI tower
Collected chips on Clipper Ave at 3614, 3622, 3638, 3640, 3652
Collected chips on Druid Park Drive at 2009, 2122, 2130, 2138, 2069
Collected chips on Keystone Ave at 3635
Collected chips on Parkdale Ave at 3612
Collected chips on  Girard Ave at 2001, 2002, 2004
Collected chips on alley behind 3600 and 3602 Hooper Ave
Collected chips on walkway at 2054 Druid Park Drive
Collected chips on Rockrose Ave at 2060, 2095
Collected chips on 2080 rockrose parking lot

Advanced Air Analysis Inc inspections:  (entire property or publicly accessible areas):
A walkthrough inspection and cleaning of the neighborhood was performed by AAA Inc and A&I Inc on Monday, 7/3/23