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Major changes are in store for the Hampden Shuttle bus route!

Major changes are in store for the Hampden Shuttle bus route!

Tuesday, March 29, 6:30pm
WJZ Conference room, 3725 Malden Ave, Baltimore, MD  21211

Woodberry Community Association is holding a meeting specifically about changes to the Hampden Shuttle bus route and it’s impact on Woodberry. MTA plans on replacing the Hampden Shuttle with a full service route running more frequently.   Please share this with your neighbors, especially if you live on the lower part of Druid Park Drive, Clipper Road and/or the Millrace Condos.  It will be vital that we have a strong turnout if we hope to alter this proposal.

Current route- 98 Hampden Shuttle

– Bus runs every 40 minutes

– Route runs along 41st St, the lower portion of the 2000 block of Druid Park Drive, and the 3500 block of Clipper Rd in Woodberry.

– Bus runs from 5:45 am to 10:00 pm daily

Proposed route- LocalLink 22

– The 98 Hampden Shuttle will be eliminated.

– LocalLink 22 route will replace the Hampden Shuttle route in Woodberry

– The new full service route will run between Woodberry and Canton, travelling through Hampden and Remington.

– The route will remain the same in Woodberry.

– The bus will run on weekdays between 5am to 1 am, and weekends between 7 am to 11 pm

– Bus will run every 30 minutes on weekends, and every 15-30 minutes during the week, depending on the time of day.

– The current Local 22 bus is being renamed LocalLink 24

Bus route changes

Bus route changes for Woodberry

Bus route changes are coming to Woodberry.  The Governor recently announced changes to MTA bus routes throughout the City.  Click here to see a map of the proposed routes in and around our area.  Lower Druid Park Drive & Clipper Rd (41st Street light to Druid Park Dr., Clipper Rd to Union Ave.) would see a significant increase in bus traffic.    This is the same roadbed that was mis-identified years ago as a proposed Truck Route.

Currently the Hampden Shuttle runs about 15 times during daylight hours (rough estimate).
The proposed bus line would run approximately 40 times during daylight hours (rough estimate).

The WCA is formulating a letter to the Govenor and MTA in response to the proposal as it affects Woodberry.  We would appreciate your thoughts.

We summarized changes proposed in the Woodberry area.  Here is the link-  BaltimoreLink-announcement-1

You can also comment directly to the MTA, please click this link for the MTA survey, or here to discuss changes on MTA’s MySidewalk forum.  The MTA will also be holding public workshops.