TTI Cleanup Summary and map for 12/19 to 12/21

Here is the summary of TTI’s cleanup operations and map for the week. No cleanup activities were performed on  Thursday 12/22 and Friday 12/23  due to the inclement weather and extreme cold. Cleanup activities are expected to resume next week.
TTI Cleanup Summary for the WCA
A&I Inc cleaned these properties and public areas (entire property or publicly accessible areas):
Streets, Gutters, Sidewalks: -see map
Rockrose Park pathway
Hooper Ave by Fox 45
41st St sidewalk by 2015
Corner of Clipper and Druid Park Dr
Girard Ave street and curb by 2004 (reported by a resident)
Clipper Rd by 3605, 3652, 3654, 3060 and across from 3640Residences, Commercial and Public Properties:
Itineris and Scribbles playground, parking lot and grassy island (daily)
Cleaned under leaves in Rockrose Park,  grassy areas and playground (daily)
3600 Hooper Ave, backyard
2015 41st St front walkway
2029 Druid Park Dr rear parking area by garages
Island by the Woodbury sign
Fox 45 South parking lot and by the shrub line (as reported by a resident)

Advanced Air Analysis Inc inspections:  (entire property or publicly accessible areas):
A  neighborhood walkthrough inspection was performed on Weds 12/21 by AAA Inc, along with A&I personnel who cleaned any chips found.