TTI summary of cleanup work and map for Mon 4/17/23 to Fri 4/21/2023

A&I Inc cleaned these properties and public areas (entire property or publicly accessible areas):
Streets, Gutters, Sidewalks:

Cleaned chips on Hooper Ave across from Itineris
Cleaned chips on Hooper across from 2000 Girard and at the Woodbury Sign
Collect chips on Rockrose from Hooper to Clipper
Collect chips on Clipper Ave from Jones Falls Trail to Union Ave
Collect chips from Clipper Ave at Light Rail stop
Collect chips from Parkdale Garage
Cleaned chips on Parkdale from Malden Ave to Hooper Ave
Cleaned chips at corner of Girard and Hooper
Cleaned chips at corner of Girard and Parkdale alley
Cleaned Malden Avenue from WJZ to Druid Park Drive
Cleaned Girard Avenue from Malden Ave to Hooper Ave
Residences, Commercial and Public Properties:
Itineris and Scribbles playground & parking lot (daily)
Cleaned Rockrose Park grassy areas, playground and the pathways (daily)
3800 Hooper Ave entrance at WBAL gate
Cleaned chips at 2015 41st St
Cleaned chips at 2048 Druid hill
Cleaned chips at 2060, 2064 Rockrose Ave
Cleaned chips at rear of 3508 Clipper Ave
Cleaned chips at 1650 Union Ave
Cleaned chips near the Zen Garden at Druid Hill Park entrance
Cleaned chips at Hooper and Sons on Parkdale and 3500 Parkdale (Building 1)
Cleaned the Loyola parking and gravel lots
Cleaned Fox 45 driveway
Cleaned chips at Woodberry Park
Cleaned the Jones Falls Trail from Rockrose Park to Loyola/Fox 45 tower
Advanced Air Analysis Inc inspections:  (entire property or publicly accessible areas):
On April 19, 2023,  AAA and A&I (team of 3) did a walkthrough and cleanup of the Woodberry community.
Additional Information:
On or about May 1, 2023, and continuing thereafter through completion of the project, workers from Vertical Technology Services (Maryland Department of Environment Accreditation # 100939) will be onsite to finish preparing and painting the TTI candelabra tower. I have attached a pdf of the flyer that TTI is mailing today to property owners in the area around the tower to notify them of the resumption of work, once the final permits have been obtained from the City. Please feel free to distribute and/or post this information on the WCA website, if desired or appropriate. TTI is also in the process of creating an informational website that will be going live sometime next week. The purpose of the website is to provide answers to frequently asked questions, along with a schedule of the work planned on the tower that will be updated each week.