July 20, 2022 Update on Television Tower Paint Chips

From Maryland Department of the Envrionment shared the latest clean up/activity update that we rec’d from TTI:
  • Soil Testing:  The Rockrose Community Farm soil testing is happening today.  Soil tests were previously performed at the Scribbles Day Care Center.  (These are the only two areas tested at this time)
  • To date there are 35 residents who have requested clean up of their properties, and all have been addressed, or are in process.  TTI has communicated that if the residents see additional paint chips to contact TTI and the property will be re-cleaned.  The 35 residents were obtained via TTI’s Outreach to the Community Association.  TTI email and phone number were provided to the community association.  And, the two site contractor supervisors were given cards to distribute to the community if anyone sees the crews working and would like their properties cleaned, or had questions.
  • The following process is the method that properties are cleaned up:    The Inspection Contractor, Advanced Air Analysis, Inc., is pre-surveying the property  under clean up; the lead abatement clean up contractor, A & I Environmental,  cleans the property to remove lead paint chips; the inspection contractor returns and performs a post- clean up inspection for the exterior of the property, and if interior clean up is performed, the inspection contractor performs dust clearance sampling, where required. TTI  (via Rick Seaby) follows up with the property owner to let the owners know the areas are clean, and advises the owners that if they encounter additional issues,  to contact him (Rick).
  • High priority areas such as the Scribbles Day Care Center, the Itineris Adult Community Center, the Rockrose Farm area, and the Community Playground are being inspected and cleaned daily and especially after  weather events, such as rain etc.
  • The abatement clean up contractor (A&I), has crews cleaning up the streets and alleyways, when not working on an individual property.
  • TTI had just performed additional outreach to the greater community by sending out a mass mailing to a couple hundred local residents who are not part of the community association, to notify them to contact TTI if their properties need to be cleaned up.  MDE recently provided a list of rental property addresses, with owner address information included so that TTI may expand their outreach to citizens in the affected area.
  • A TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching  Procedure) sample of the waste stream generated from cleanup, and required by MDE Solid Waste Program,  was collected and sent off to the lab for analysis, on Friday, July 15, 2022, and the results are expected today or tomorrow.

MDE also shared  these three pamphlets Lead Poisoning Know_the_Facts 5 Things to Do In Lowering Child’s Blood Lead Level WIC Lead Poisoning Handout (2) (1)