Television Tower Inc- Clean-up plan for paint chips

At our July 12th meeting, participants requested a copy of the Television Tower Inc (TTI) remediation plan. TTI has shared a summary of this plan. Here’s what they shared:

Remediation Process

Television Tower Inc.
Summary of MDE-Approved Cleanup Plan

  1. Television Tower, Inc. (TTI), with the approval of the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), engaged Accredited Lead Paint Abatement Service Provider (Residential, Commercial and Public Building Contractor) (A&I Environmental Services, Inc) to undertake remedial activities.
  2. The approved plan requires A&I Inc to use HEPA vacuums to remove paint chips on the ground and other exterior areas of identified properties, provided that the property owner has requested such service and has granted access to the property.
  3. TTI is deploying Advanced Air Analysis, Inc, an MDE Accredited Lead Risk Assessor, to perform pre and post- cleanup inspections and to document that remediation has been completed.
  4. A few non-residential properties are subject to modified requirements imposed by MDE, and TTI has deployed A&I and Advanced Air Analysis to those properties to remediate in conformance with those requirements.

Outreach, Planning and Timeline:

  1. As required by MDE, TTI provided a plan to conduct outreach in cooperation with the Woodbury Community Association, to reach out to the surrounding community. TTI provided copies of flyers to the WCA, and an email and phone number for residents to request the inspection and cleanup of paint chips on their property. TTI is doing additional direct mailings to ensure notice.
  2. TTI began work on June 30th 2022, and estimates project completion by August 1st 2022.
  3. TTI is engaged in regular communication with MDE as to its progress on the remediation.

Remediation Tracking and Communication

  1. Residents or businesses can contact TTI through its email at or via the voicemail box at 410-578-7551.
  2. The resident’s or business’s contact information, communications and associated response actions are being monitored by the industrial hygienist, Advanced Air Analysis, and the abatement contractor, A&I, Inc.
  3. The resident should receive a follow-up email outlining the inspection and cleanup process, and requesting any contact information if it was omitted in the initial email they sent.
  4. Any comments or special instructions provided for permission or access, or relating to the prioritization guidelines, are noted in the comments for the contractors.
  5. Once the cleanup and post inspection are complete, the resident is sent an email confirming the same.


  1. As discussed with and approved by MDE, priority on remediation is given to childcare facilities, playgrounds, parks, and other properties used by children.
  2. Following that, remediation will focus on residences, group homes, and commercial establishments.
  3. Remediation of roofs, public streets, and sidewalks will be done last except when there are opportunities toexpedite that work.
  4. Within categories, TTI prioritizes properties that have asked for remediation, which is done by sending a requestto or leaving a message on TTI’s voice mailbox at 410-578-7551.
  5. TTI will engage in affirmative outreach by multiple means to properties in the surrounding area to performremediation where needed, but also encourages neighbors to inform their neighbors on how to request remediation if they identify paint chips on their property.